Why With Us?

“Experience Matters”
When it comes to Climbing or  Trekking in the Himalayas, dangers are plenty. Although the mountains seem serene and gentle from a distance, the weather there can be treacherous and unpredictable. The terrain can be downright unforgiving and to have a team of experienced climbers/leaders accompanying you, who have been tested by the mountains time and again and have come victorious through and through, can be the greatest of advantages! Our guides, Sherpas and team leaders have years and years of experience in mountaineering, and understand the whims of the peaks and valleys of the Himalayas, as much as it’s humanly possible. Over the years, they have been trained to coordinate in a hostile terrain and take immediate actions. This training and experience is something an untrained amateur cannot offer. Less demanding adventures and activities, like a guide team through Chitwan National Park on the Nepali border with India, also comes with inherent risks – such as Chitwan’s native tiger, elephant, rhino population during an overland trek or it’s native and rare species Gharial crocodile during a guided river journey. But our staff are always well prepared and trained – we study the mountains, valley, park terrain and weather in advance of any expedition and are always monitoring conditions, in real time, for our team and clients.
Tourism itself has its downsides pertaining to society and environment. Unfortunately, the mountains can result in death either on ascent and descent. And, the extreme altitudes at which most deaths occur make body retrieval impractical. Therefore, you may have heard of bodies along the routes to some peaks and this is accepted as normal. When professional rescue teams can, such bodies are recovered. Further, it has been well publicised that, in the past, climbers have left their waste and their unused supplies (including even their tents!!!) on the mountains as waste by-products that they have deemed too bothersome or difficult to return to civilization for proper disposal or re-use. Therefore, both, the piling of human bodies and garbage in the mountainous region is not certainly unheard of. Our team at Himalayan Memories Trek and Expedition are a supporter of sustainable tourism and believe that the present generation should utilize the resources without compromising the ability of coming generations to do the same. Of course, that doesn’t affect our ability to fulfill our guest’s need in any way, as we provide fully supported expeditions, along with all supplies, porters and accompaniments. We simply believe in respecting the mountains and nature by taking back down with us whatever we took up with us!  
“Right Service at the Right Price”
We offer best possible packages at reasonable prices without compromising safety and quality of Service to our valuable clients. We do not take advantage of the naivety of our guests and we provide services based strictly on company rules and regulations. Himalayan Memories Trek is established under Company Act 2053 and Tourism Act 2035
(Government registration no: (131728/71/72)
Pan No: (602467298). The company is licensed by Tax Department of Nepal as a taxpayer, and also by Central Bank of Nepal as foreign currency acceptable company from foreigners. We follow the rules and regulations set forth by the government and strongly condemn any illegal activities that might take place within the nation. We are committed to security of our guests and under no circumstance, We are reliable, reputed, genuine and authentic company you can trust.
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